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The spectrum of our legal services is wide: from legal representation before courts and state authorities throughout Germany, negotiations in a broad range of legal matters to creating contracts and giving advice in all legal issues.


Our services are quick, efficient and cost-effective. Our motto is: to give our client a sense of legal security in their undertakings and goals. Especially, in international affairs, it is a high objective which asks for expertise in reciprocal legal standards, as well as a high level of proficiency in foreign languages, flexibility in the relationship to a client together with persistence and constancy in work. We are proud that exactly these characteristics of our work are at your disposal.


Just send us your inquiry. The same way a large number of our clients have done and came into contact with us, which, as a result, lead to successful co-operations over many years. Our clients are, most of all, small and middle-sized enterprises and single persons, but also big airline companies, banking societies and banks, multinational corporations, financial funds, insurance companies, international construction companies, etc.


Convince yourself of the advantages of being represented and advised in your legal issues by our lawyers team.